It’s something I must live with everyday…










It may seem like he doesn’t care
As if he’s only doing it for fun
But she doesn’t know what’s going on
Doesn’t know how it begun 

She can only see her own sorrow
She feels the bruises and the pain
But he just can’t help himself
He wishes he could start all over again

He can’t control his violent anger
He can’t deal with his twisted past
All he wants is to love and be loved
To be in a relationship that lasts

But everytime it gets serious
When they both want to give it all
His past is haunting him again
Causing his thin mask to fall

He can’t help but get violent
Pressing her to go all the way
While all he wants is love and care
A place to come home to and stay

But all she sees is his anger
Without looking for a reason beneath
She can’t handle his broken world
So she packs her bags and leaves

(November 2014)

Originally posted on Eye Will Not Cry in response to the Poetry Challenge


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