30 Before 30 – The End

Remember that 30 Before 30-list I made in 2015? Well, I turned 30 last month and I’m not even close to completing all the goals on it…

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I guess I’m back (for now, at least)

Hey everyone,

Looking at my blog, I see that my last post is from September 2021. That’s almost a year ago! Absolutely insane! ;)

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My mind’s overflowing
My heart’s full of pain
Will it ever stop?
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Let You Go

I have to let you go
But I don’t know how
What we had was good
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Follow My Feet 2019

I did it!

Now I can officially say I completed my goal of writing a blog post every first Thursday of the month! It might not always have been the most useful and interesting blog post, but I managed to do it anyhow :)

This also means it’s already December and 2020 is slowly creeping closer. I can’t believe how fast this year went by! Now it’s already Sinterklaas Day today (Dec 5th, Dutch holiday) and then it’s almost Christmas, and then New Year’s – WHOA! ^^

I hope you all have an amazing December full with happy holidays and other fun festivities! I’m gonna leave it at this and I’ll see you all in 2020! :)


Can’t believe it’s November already…

Somehow this year went even faster than the last! I can’t believe it’s already November and 2020 is right around the corner…

I also can’t believe I somehow stuck to my goal of writing a blog post every first Thursday of the month. I know, I know, I still got December to go and I don’t want to jinx it, but I managed so far ^^ It wasn’t always that easy to find something to write about, but at least I wrote something every month ;)

I’m afraid this is going to be another crappy post though. We’re past the whole renovation drama, and November is just always a bit boring. December is going to be a crazy month as always: Sinterklaas, lots of family birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve… Stressing out already thinking of it! XD

Anyways, I won’t ramble on for too long. I’ll see you next month to complete my blogging goal of this year by writing every month! :) Enjoy your November!

That was not so bad…

So, as promised an update after the big renovation. As the title of this post already suggests, it was not that bad. Let me update you!

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Home Under Construction

At the moment, we’re living with a few wooden boards instead of windows, and also without a few wooden plates at our balcony (under the windows). We’re right in the middle of construction again at our apartment building… YAY! :)

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And then you’re 27…

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that yesterday (July 31st) was my birthday… I turned 27 this year! (Getting closer and closer to 30, hehe ^^)

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