Trying not to give up already…

This year, I set myself the goal to write a blog post every first Thursday of the month. So here I am – but without any clue what to post about. I just didn’t want break my goal so early on in the year; it’s only March! But I haven’t written a poem (or short story) in months, and I don’t have any older poems left that I feel comfortable with posting. So, what should I do?

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29. Watch all of the TV-show Friends

I’ve seen a lot of Friends episodes on TV, but never watched them all in the correct order. So when Netflix announced that all of Friends would be put on there, I took the opportunity to binge-watch it all! :) Continue reading

Whoa, it’s 2019 already!

At some levels, it definitely feels like a whole year has passed, while on other levels, it doesn’t feel like that at all…. 2018 was a crazy year in so many aspects. While it contained a lot of happy moments, I also experienced some of my darkest and toughest. Let me just quickly take you through my 2018… Continue reading

New Channel Trailer on YouTube! :)

It was time for a new and updated channel trailer! :) The previous one contained clips of videos I barely make anymore and almost none of the video series I continuously make nowadays… Feel free to share this video with all your friends and family! I’d really appreciate that! :)

PS. Don’t worry, I won’t spam my blog with YouTube stuff all the time :) Thought I’d make an exception for my new channel trailer though ^^

Letting Go

I don’t want to let go
But I know that I should
We had some great times
But this isn’t good

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A few years ago, I wrote a poem called Struggle about a friendship that became more and more toxic to me. But, being me, I just couldn’t let the friendship – and with it the person – go… Continue reading

Happy anniversary to me!

Apparently, I’ve been on WordPress for five years… Wow!