O is for Obsessive

Can’t believe I’m halfway this challenge already! Which also means that S, T, and U are getting closer, for which I still need topics. So please help me out! ^^ And extra topics for 27 and 28 February are always welcome too! But first: the O!

PS. I have been somewhat busy with other stuff, but will soon catch up with your amazing work as well!


O is for Obsessive

He had to keep her near
He couldn’t let her go
She was his everything
He had always known
But now she pulled away
And he couldn’t let that be Continue reading


N is for Night

When darkness comes
I lie awake
Gazing at the stars

When the night falls Continue reading

M is for Murder

Somewhat late – it’s past midnight here – but here is the letter M! I wrote the ‘K is for Killer‘ poem a few days ago. This poem was from his perspective. I wanted to parallel this poem to that one by writing this one from her perspective. And I think it worked quite well ^^

I still need S, T and U, dear WordPress family! And you can also suggest topics for the rest of the alphabet if you have some great ideas. They will go into the mix and two of those topics will be picked for the last two days of February…


M is for Murder

When she first met him
He seemed like a nice guy
But there was something about him
That made her wonder why Continue reading

L is for Lust

She was only nineteen
But definitely got his eye
That dreary Friday evening
When she happened to walk by

He couldn’t stop thinking
He couldn’t let her go Continue reading

K is for Killer

Quite a long poem, almost story-like, today for the letter K.
I hope you like it, because ‘dark and twisted’ poems aren’t really my forte… ^^


K is for Killer

He couldn’t believe
What he had done
Why did it all go
So extremely wrong
He thought he loved her
That he really cared Continue reading

J is for Jealousy

I still need S, T and U. And suggestions for 27&28 February are still welcome as well (just pick any topic you’d like me to write about and it’ll go in the mix!) But first: the J! =)

J is for Jealousy

I can’t believe
He’d do that to me
Go behind my back
So he could be
With that other girl Continue reading

It’s something I must live with everyday…










It may seem like he doesn’t care
As if he’s only doing it for fun
But she doesn’t know what’s going on
Doesn’t know how it begun  Continue reading

It’s more than I dare to think about…

I’m so thrilled to announce an amazing guest poet here on my blog! A while ago I had the privilege to be a guest poet on J’s blog and now I received this amazing poem from him, which goes with a song and an interesting image ^^ I hope you love his work as much as I do, as dark as it might sometimes be! ;)


It’s more than I dare to think about…


Twenty One days,
to regain control…

Twenty One days,
to redeem my soul… Continue reading