Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog =)

I’ve been writing stories and poems for quite a few years now, but never found the courage to post something online. I even was afraid to share them with my family or friends… Well, here I am now, managing my own blog ^^ (And still afraid to share my poetry and stories with family and friends. But hey, gotta start somewhere, and what better place to start than here on WordPress?)

Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise =)

Hope to see you around!

~ Iris


23 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi there,
    I don’t think I ever learned your name…if I have and forgot, please forgive me (I’m over 50) :)..otherwise, are you open to sharing? I love to respond by using names, but if you don’t care to, I do understand…thanks so much for all of your support! :)


    • Don’t worry, I never mentioned my name… I started this blog quite anonymously, because I’m still too shy or maybe even too afraid to show my work to friends and family. WordPress helps me to climb over this imaginary wall step by step, and I feel it’s working a little already ;)So maybe one day I’ll feel secure and strong enough to share my poetry and stories with my friends and family as well, but for now I’ll be the secret blogger no one knows of… ^^
      But as I said, step by step: So I feel it’s about time to sort of introduce myself here, at least to you, because you always support me ^^ Hi Lauren, I’m Iris :)

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      • Hi Iris, it’s nice to meet you and I completely understand how you feel…I also hope you feel okay with introducing yourself. I don’t want you to do this if you feel uncomfortable, okay? Anyway, thank you and have a lovely day and it is nice to know who I’m talking to. I also wasn’t sure if you had told me and if I had forgotten. That would have been a bit embarrassing. :)


  3. Thanks for your visits and I’m now following you! I get behind often, so please bear with me, but I do look forward to reading your work and viewing your photos! Take care, Lauren :)


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