I keep on falling as I try to get away from this crazy world…

Sometimes I feel
Like I don’t belong
As if everything I do
Will go completely wrong
The words coming
Out of my mouthPain Continue reading


An Extra T is for Tomorrow

It’s the very final day of my Alphabet Challenge! I can’t believe it’s over already! =( I’ll do a recap of this awesome challenge in one of the following days… This extra topic was suggested by two members of my WordPress family, both by Lauren and Finn. So here is an extra T!


An Extra T is for Tomorrow

This challenge is over
It will be March Continue reading

An Extra E is for Envy

Here is the first of two extra alphabet poems. Tomorrow the second one and then the Alphabet Challenge will be really over =( Can’t believe it went so fast!

An Extra E is for Envy

When she saw them together
Her feelings intensified
Her heartbeat quickened Continue reading

Y is for Yearning

I might have been inspired by Ellie Goulding’s latest song ^^ Here is the Y!

Last chance to contribute to this challenge by giving me topics for 27&28 February! The two final topics will be chosen tomorrow night! So take your chance and spit out those topics down below! Anything goes!


Y is for Yearning

I wish you were
Here next to me
I long for your love Continue reading

V is for Vent

It’s already day 22! A few more days to go and this challenge will be over… :( But let’s not think about that yet… Here is the V! I’m throwing it all out ^^


V is for Vent

I feel angry
I feel crazy
I feel chaotic
I feel mad

I want to shout
I want to cry Continue reading

U is for Union

U is for Union

They were meant to be together
Lived in perfect harmony
Whenever you saw one of them
You knew where the other would be

Their love was sweet and joyful Continue reading

T is for Temptation

Sorry I’m a bit late – it’s 00:30 here – but here is the T!

T is for Temptation

She couldn’t resist his touch
His warm hands on her skin
Every time she wanted to pull out
He pulled her right back in
His kisses on her body Continue reading

S is for Serious

I got multiple reactions for S, T, and U. But since Ranting Crow hadn’t contributed yet, I decided to use his topics and the other ones will go in the mix ^^ So here is the S!

S is for Serious

He never thought
That it would last
That they would stay together Continue reading

Q is for Quiver

I really, really need the S, T, and U! So please comment down below with topics for these three! PLEEEAASSEEE?!?!


Q is for Quiver

When your fingers
Toy with my hair
And your lips
Search for my skin Continue reading

P is for Passion

The S, T, and U are getting closer and closer. Please help me out by providing topics for these three! And topics for the rest of the alphabet remain welcome too! Don’t hesitate, just spit those topics out down below in the comments!


P is for Passion

You make me feel
Like I can reach every goal
As if I can fulfil every dream

You make me see Continue reading