The Alphabet Challenge in Retrospect

wpid-photogrid_1425387798408.jpgIn the previous month, February, I have done an Alphabet Challenge. One letter per day, and two extra topics for 27&28 February. You can find all poems in the category Alphabet Challenge, which I created under the header PoetryContinue reading


February was a great month!


Thanks for a great month, dear WordPress family! =) Alphabet Challenge recap post will follow soon! ^^

An Extra T is for Tomorrow

It’s the very final day of my Alphabet Challenge! I can’t believe it’s over already! =( I’ll do a recap of this awesome challenge in one of the following days… This extra topic was suggested by two members of my WordPress family, both by Lauren and Finn. So here is an extra T!


An Extra T is for Tomorrow

This challenge is over
It will be March Continue reading

An Extra E is for Envy

Here is the first of two extra alphabet poems. Tomorrow the second one and then the Alphabet Challenge will be really over =( Can’t believe it went so fast!

An Extra E is for Envy

When she saw them together
Her feelings intensified
Her heartbeat quickened Continue reading

Z is for Zoned

I got somewhat philosophical on this one. Hope you like it! Here is the Z! =)

Last day to provide topics for 27&28 February! So take your chance! The final two topics will be chosen tonight!


Z is for Zoned

Our lives are all zoned
Divided into groups
Marked down
In different categories Continue reading

Y is for Yearning

I might have been inspired by Ellie Goulding’s latest song ^^ Here is the Y!

Last chance to contribute to this challenge by giving me topics for 27&28 February! The two final topics will be chosen tomorrow night! So take your chance and spit out those topics down below! Anything goes!


Y is for Yearning

I wish you were
Here next to me
I long for your love Continue reading

X is for Xebec

I honestly didn’t know what a xebec was, so I had to Google it. But after some research, I was able to write a small poem about it… Hope you like it! =)


X is for Xebec

Old little boat
Sailing ship
Floating in the Continue reading