I survived.

A while ago, I wrote about short stories. In reaction to that post, Lauren left me the following sentence to work with. It took me a while to come up with a story, but once I started I just couldn’t stop writing. So here it is now!

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)
The electricity was out, rain was pouring in droves and the trees were scratching the windows. I wasn’t scared. I couldn’t be scared. Because then I would start to cry or even scream. And I couldn’t do that. Because then he would hear me and come into my room again. And I didn’t want that. I had to be brave. I closed my eyes and tried to think happy thoughts.  Continue reading


Was it ever love at all?

On the 19th of November, Jamie gave me the following sentence:

“She was a woman who loved with her ears, yet he was a man who loved with his eyes… Was it ever love at all?”

I’ve tried coming up with something for a few days, but all that remained were these few sentences. Continue reading

Waiting for a dream

In my previous post, I challenged you to challenge me ^^ I’ve now finished my first short story with one of the sentences. On the 20th of November, Kimberly gave me the following sentence (check out her blog here!):

No matter where I go or what I do, I can feel him next to me.”

This is what came out of it. Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise! =)

PS. If you still want to challenge me by giving me a sentence, don’t hesitate!


No matter where I go or what I do, I can feel him next to me. I feel him through the warmth of the sun and through the cold of the blazing wind. He is with me through the friendly voice of the man on the radio and through the sharp bark of the dog next door. I see him in a beautiful sunset and in an autumnal downpour. I feel him when I go to the supermarket or to the gym. He is with me when I talk to friends or type away on my laptop. I see him in the film I watch or the book I read on the couch. No matter where I go or what I do, he is right there next to me. Continue reading

Gone, to Never Return Again…

A while ago I posted a challenge and got a few reactions.
One of them came from bardictale, the other from The Silver Poet (you should check out their blogs as well!).

I have now used bardictale’s sentence in a story, while I’m still figuring out what to do with the sentence The Silver Poet gave me ;-) The sentence from bardictale was the following: “Here he was, gliding in the air, wondering how he got there in the first place.” And this is the story that I wrote… I was planning on posting it tonight, but since I already finished it, why wait? Enjoy!

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


Gone, to never return again…

It was a bright sunny afternoon and it was pretty crowded in the park. Everyone wanted to enjoy the sun. He was no exception; every time the sun peeked through, he would be in the park as well. Children running around playfully while their parents would relax on a nearby bench or lay down in the grass, dogs fetching a tennis ball their owners just threw or swimming in the pond to cool off – it just made him smile. Being in the park made him happy, and he wouldn’t want to miss it. His friends would always join him and together they would enjoy the view of all those happy people in the park. Continue reading

Jar Full of Hope

I’m always in for a challenge. So I asked a good friend of mine to give me a sentence – anything at all – and I promised I would use it as the first sentence of my story.  The sentence she gave me was: “The man that walked down the road had a jar full of hope.” Not sure how this will turn out, yet. But you can read the result below =)

Feel free to leave your opinion!


The man that walked down the road had a jar full of hope. No matter where he went, he would always take his jar with him. Most people didn’t know what was in the jar, but Lauren knew. She had known since she was just a little girl. She was only 6 years old when they moved to this place, and it was only a few days later that she saw the man walking down the road. The instant she saw the jar under his right arm, she knew what must be in it. When she told her friends they just laughed at her, and even her father wouldn’t believe her. But that didn’t keep her from believing in it: The old man had a jar full of hope. She just knew from the look on his face. Continue reading

The way out…

I’ve never been to this place before; it’s completely new to me. It smells awkward in here, like burned meat. Searching the walls with my hands I walk farther into the darkness. Then, all of a sudden, I see a flash of light, far away. After that, darkness again, but the light has struck me. Continue reading