3 years on WordPress!

I haven’t been here for so long and yet I’ve been here quite some time now ;)3y
Today marks my 3-year anniversary on WordPress! Time really flies! ^^ Continue reading


Lovely Memories

It’s been a while since I posted, but I hope to post more regularly from now on – if my Muse lets me ^^ So here is a new poem called “Lovely Memories”

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


Enjoying the weather

Feeling the warmth of the sun

Shining brightly on my face Continue reading

Update from the other side ^^

Dear dear WP-family!

A short update from my side to let you know that I’m still alive ;) Graduation is slowly creeping closer and I’m still making good progress, even if I say so myself ^^ Continue reading

I miss you!

I know it’s been pretty quiet on my blog the last few weeks (or should I say months?)… I expect it won’t get any more crowded soon, unfortunately. I’m pretty occupied with graduating and it won’t get more quiet in my life until the end of May because of that. And then there’s all the other stuff floating through my mind ^^ But I really want to graduate and receive my master’s degree, so WordPress has to wait for now… Continue reading

Fear of editing…

It’s been a while since I posted something…

I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff, except for LLFF. I haven’t written or edited for almost a week. I think I’m scared… I’m not sure what to do with the passages that need editing, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to ‘correct’ it in a way that will satisfy my perfectionist needs. And I’ve been busy with organising my birthday and baking and such – a great way to escape LLFF. But now it’s two days since my birthday and I haven’t restarted editing and writing. I guess I’m still a bit scared… ^^’ Continue reading

Shine Bright Like a Diamond…

Well, not exactly like a diamond, more like a ruby then… Yes, once again I’m as red a tomato, or a strawberry, or a ruby – whatever you like.

I agreed to meet up with some friends today; two of them I hadn’t seen for a long time. Not that I really regretted it, but it was kinda nice to see each other again. (There are just these friendships that come and go.) We were heading for the beach, since it finally seemed to be summer out here. Sun shining bright – lovely weather for sure. Continue reading