A few years ago, I wrote a poem called Struggle about a friendship that became more and more toxic to me. But, being me, I just couldn’t let the friendship – and with it the person – go… Continue reading


To Be Myself

I feel
Out of shape
Out of touch
Out of place

I don’t know Continue reading


I’ve always used writing as a way of expressing my feelings, a way of coping. By writing down how I felt or feel, I could see clearer and often move on… Which is why most of my poems aren’t the happiest ones, but at least they’re real… Here’s just another example… ^^ Continue reading

A Happy Day with a Sad Note…

Last Tuesday, I had the night of my life. I went to a MIKA concert and was filled with so much joy and love that it will probably stay with me forever… <3 But that’s not the only reason I’ll remember that day for… Continue reading