Z is for Zoned

I got somewhat philosophical on this one. Hope you like it! Here is the Z! =)

Last day to provide topics for 27&28 February! So take your chance! The final two topics will be chosen tonight!


Z is for Zoned

Our lives are all zoned
Divided into groups
Marked down
In different categories Continue reading


Y is for Yearning

I might have been inspired by Ellie Goulding’s latest song ^^ Here is the Y!

Last chance to contribute to this challenge by giving me topics for 27&28 February! The two final topics will be chosen tomorrow night! So take your chance and spit out those topics down below! Anything goes!


Y is for Yearning

I wish you were
Here next to me
I long for your love Continue reading

X is for Xebec

I honestly didn’t know what a xebec was, so I had to Google it. But after some research, I was able to write a small poem about it… Hope you like it! =)


X is for Xebec

Old little boat
Sailing ship
Floating in the Continue reading

W is for Wayside

Can’t believe this is the last week of February already! Suggestions for topics for A-Z are still welcome for the last two days. Don’t hesitate, any topic is fine! :)


W is for Wayside

He saw her at the wayside
When he drove by
And he couldn’t get her
Out of his mind Continue reading

V is for Vent

It’s already day 22! A few more days to go and this challenge will be over… :( But let’s not think about that yet… Here is the V! I’m throwing it all out ^^


V is for Vent

I feel angry
I feel crazy
I feel chaotic
I feel mad

I want to shout
I want to cry Continue reading

R is for Robust

There must be someone out there (multiple someones if you ask me ^^) that is willing to come up with some topics for the S, T, and U! And all those others out there – the rest of the alphabet is okay too! I’d like to have as much choice for the 27th and 28th of February as possible. So bring it on!!! =)

But first, the R! I wasn’t quite sure what to write about when I saw today’s topic. But after a while, I decided to devote this poem to a robust cabinet full of wonderful memories. Hope you like it! =)


R is for Robust

It was just standing there
In the corner of my room
As if it had been there forever Continue reading

Q is for Quiver

I really, really need the S, T, and U! So please comment down below with topics for these three! PLEEEAASSEEE?!?!


Q is for Quiver

When your fingers
Toy with my hair
And your lips
Search for my skin Continue reading