I keep on falling as I try to get away from this crazy world…

Sometimes I feel
Like I don’t belong
As if everything I do
Will go completely wrong
The words coming
Out of my mouthPain Continue reading


An Extra T is for Tomorrow

It’s the very final day of my Alphabet Challenge! I can’t believe it’s over already! =( I’ll do a recap of this awesome challenge in one of the following days… This extra topic was suggested by two members of my WordPress family, both by Lauren and Finn. So here is an extra T!


An Extra T is for Tomorrow

This challenge is over
It will be March Continue reading

Z is for Zoned

I got somewhat philosophical on this one. Hope you like it! Here is the Z! =)

Last day to provide topics for 27&28 February! So take your chance! The final two topics will be chosen tonight!


Z is for Zoned

Our lives are all zoned
Divided into groups
Marked down
In different categories Continue reading

W is for Wayside

Can’t believe this is the last week of February already! Suggestions for topics for A-Z are still welcome for the last two days. Don’t hesitate, any topic is fine! :)


W is for Wayside

He saw her at the wayside
When he drove by
And he couldn’t get her
Out of his mind Continue reading

V is for Vent

It’s already day 22! A few more days to go and this challenge will be over… :( But let’s not think about that yet… Here is the V! I’m throwing it all out ^^


V is for Vent

I feel angry
I feel crazy
I feel chaotic
I feel mad

I want to shout
I want to cry Continue reading

N is for Night

When darkness comes
I lie awake
Gazing at the stars

When the night falls Continue reading

I is for Insanity

Here is the poem for the letter I! I wanted to create an ‘insane poem’, so to say, by just using words instead of complete sentences, and got creative by expanding the words with one syllable per stanza. I hope you like it!


I is for Insanity

Heart Continue reading

I’m scared…

Not one of my happiest poems, but these thoughts keep running through my head like crazy and I just had to get it all out… As the song below says: “If I get it all down on paper, it’s no longer inside of me, threatening the life it belongs to. And I feel like I’m naked in front of a crowd, cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud.” It certainly helps getting it all down on paper, it’s at least a start. Even though it’s still all very scary to me and the words seem to yell right back at me…


I’m scared
Of so many

I’m scared
Of the song my heart
Sings  Continue reading


When I’m thinking of you

It makes me feel sad

I want to do what’s good

I don’t want to feel bad


These days our friendship Continue reading


All I do or say seems wrong

Nothing can be rightly done

I feel like I am left alone

Sitting here all on my own Continue reading