An Extra T is for Tomorrow

It’s the very final day of my Alphabet Challenge! I can’t believe it’s over already! =( I’ll do a recap of this awesome challenge in one of the following days… This extra topic was suggested by two members of my WordPress family, both by Lauren and Finn. So here is an extra T!


An Extra T is for Tomorrow

This challenge is over
It will be March Continue reading


C is for Czar

Oh dear! I’m only three days into this challenge and I’m already late posting :( I’ve been reading this amazing book most of the day and kind of forgot – I’m so sorry! But here is the letter C, even though it’s 00:20 here already… I had some difficulty coming up with a poem for this topic, but I think I did okay ^^

Don’t forget to help me out with the topics for M-Z if you didn’t yet! Otherwise I can’t continue my Alphabet Challenge… Rules and previous comments can be found here. Would be great if you responded to that post with some topics to help me out!


C is for Czar

Ruthless ruler
Feared by his people Continue reading

B is for Broccoli

It’s February 2nd, so here is the letter B!
A little playful poem about how I don’t like broccoli :P
(Hey, that rhymes! Haha ^^)

I still need plenty of suggestions for the letters M-Z!
Check my previous Alphabet Challenge posts for info!


B is for Broccoli

Not really my favourite food
But some say it’s good for your health Continue reading

A is for Acrobats

It’s the 1st of February, so the Alphabet Challenge has started! It’s time for the letter A!

I still need topics for letters MNO, PQR, STU, VWX, and YZ. And also for the extra two days: 27 and 28 February. Please read the rules in my previous post Alphabet Challenge! and check the comments before posting, so you won’t take the same as someone else. Thanks so much! =)


A is for Acrobats

Flawlessly moving
Flying through the air Continue reading