Don’t want to live in fear
But it consumes me
Don’t want to feel the pain
But I can’t undo it

You want to help
But you hardly know Continue reading


Happy New Year! =)

Happy New Year everyone! I hope all your dreams may come true this year! I’ll be working on mine in the following years to come through my 30-before-30 list… ;) And I can already cross one item off the list! Yesterday (well, technically it was after midnight – so this morning) I told my family and friends about my YouTube channel together with Marilyn. We made a video and shared that on Facebook, so everyone could see it… We’re so scared now for the reactions!!! Anyway, I’ll make a more elaborate post about it later, because I want to dedicate a short post to every ‘goal’ I fulfill on the 30-before-30 list…  For now, I’ll leave you with the video we made. Excuse the drama, but this is a really big step for us!

I Know…

I know I shouldn’t complain
That my life is quite okay
But still I feel like I am drowning
In the oceans of my pain

I know I’m not alone
I have friends, I have a home Continue reading


Staring out the window
Wondering about my life
What it never was
And never will be

Wandering through my mind
Thinking about the time Continue reading

Some of us in the gutter are looking up at the stars…

You might not feel like you can do very much
You might feel like you’re only getting lost
You might be searching yet not find a single thing

Keep looking up at the stars Continue reading


You’re only pushing me down
Instead of lifting me up
You make me fall to the ground
While I just want to be loved

All these choices in life
Make me want to shout Continue reading

Finally in your arms

Finally in your arms
After a long time
My head is clear
My heart is full of love

Hold me closer Continue reading