I know I need to open up
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15.1 Meet blogging/YouTube friends in real life

Yes, I’m here again! I’m not as active as I want to be. But I just have to face it, I guess.
YouTube takes up a lot of my time. And then there are also my tutoring job and my internships which need me ;) But I’m here now and that’s what matters!

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Some of us in the gutter are looking up at the stars…

You might not feel like you can do very much
You might feel like you’re only getting lost
You might be searching yet not find a single thing

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I is for Insanity

Here is the poem for the letter I! I wanted to create an ‘insane poem’, so to say, by just using words instead of complete sentences, and got creative by expanding the words with one syllable per stanza. I hope you like it!


I is for Insanity

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