I’ve always used writing as a way of expressing my feelings, a way of coping. By writing down how I felt or feel, I could see clearer and often move on… Which is why most of my poems aren’t the happiest ones, but at least they’re real… Here’s just another example… ^^ Continue reading


I keep on falling as I try to get away from this crazy world…

Sometimes I feel
Like I don’t belong
As if everything I do
Will go completely wrong
The words coming
Out of my mouthPain Continue reading

N is for Night

When darkness comes
I lie awake
Gazing at the stars

When the night falls Continue reading

M is for Murder

Somewhat late – it’s past midnight here – but here is the letter M! I wrote the ‘K is for Killer‘ poem a few days ago. This poem was from his perspective. I wanted to parallel this poem to that one by writing this one from her perspective. And I think it worked quite well ^^

I still need S, T and U, dear WordPress family! And you can also suggest topics for the rest of the alphabet if you have some great ideas. They will go into the mix and two of those topics will be picked for the last two days of February…


M is for Murder

When she first met him
He seemed like a nice guy
But there was something about him
That made her wonder why Continue reading

It’s more than I dare to think about…

I’m so thrilled to announce an amazing guest poet here on my blog! A while ago I had the privilege to be a guest poet on J’s blog and now I received this amazing poem from him, which goes with a song and an interesting image ^^ I hope you love his work as much as I do, as dark as it might sometimes be! ;)


It’s more than I dare to think about…


Twenty One days,
to regain control…

Twenty One days,
to redeem my soul… Continue reading

The way out…

I’ve never been to this place before; it’s completely new to me. It smells awkward in here, like burned meat. Searching the walls with my hands I walk farther into the darkness. Then, all of a sudden, I see a flash of light, far away. After that, darkness again, but the light has struck me. Continue reading