Hello dear WordPress family!

Yes, I am back and I plan on staying for a long time to come =)
I haven’t exactly worked out a plan yet – not sure if I really should either – but I plan on spending way more time here than I’ve done in the last couple of months. Above all, I will try to read your posts on a regular basis, and post my own content at least once a month ^^

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Purple Marilyn

This won’t be a recurring thing, but for this one time I make an exception.

My good friend just started her own YouTube Channel – Purple Marilyn. Every week she’ll talk about what’s keeping her busy in life: her hobbies, her weird habits, bloopers, interesting events – basically anything! :) She’s new to the YouTube community, but new videos are coming every week (mostly just before or in the weekend).

It would mean so much to her (and to me as well) if you’d check out her channel, give her videos a thumbs up and maybe even subscribe! :) Just click here!

Thank you! ^^