So much for structure…

So, remember how I was going to post every Thursday as part of my newly structured week? ^^ Worked out pretty great, right? Ahum…

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A New Home, A New Life…

Hi everyone,

It’s me again. I know I keep disappearing from WordPress, but I still keep returning as well – so that’s a good thing, right? XD

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3 years on WordPress!

I haven’t been here for so long and yet I’ve been here quite some time now ;)3y
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I’m actually doing something useful…

Yes. It’s true.

Although I find watching series and randomly browsing the internet very useful as well, I’m now actually doing something very useful ^^ I’m working!
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March Madness

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t been as active on WordPress as I was in February – hard to top writing every day though ^^ I’ve been quite busy with other projects and things this past month, which prevented me from writing and posting much. The last weeks of March won’t be any different, unfortunately… But in April I will be fully back in the saddle, so to speak!

Enjoy March and I’ll see you next Month! =)