I’ve always used writing as a way of expressing my feelings, a way of coping. By writing down how I felt or feel, I could see clearer and often move on… Which is why most of my poems aren’t the happiest ones, but at least they’re real… Here’s just another example… ^^ Continue reading


I’m just gonna say it!

Soooo, there we go again…. NO NO NO. No more excuses! This is my blog and I can write whenever I want… Okay, I really feel bad for not being here regularly anymore, cause I really loved blogging and still do. I love reading your amazing work, sharing my not-as-amazing work, and interacting with my dear WordPress family. But it just doesn’t happen lately… :( Continue reading


I just wanted to do a short happy post ^^

A few days ago, I reached 200 followers on my blog and I’m sooo happy about it! =) I have been blogging for 16 months now, so 200 followers seems a lot to me! I never expected to get this far when I just started, and look where I am now ^^ And on top of this, I almost reached my 100th post too (this is number 94). So I keep reaching milestones here on WordPress, and I’m planning on reaching more and more. ‘Cause I really love blogging, which I wouldn’t have imagined 16 months ago, when it was just a try-out. Thank you, my dear WordPress family, for all your support! I wouldn’t have been here anymore if it wasn’t for you!

Until next time! =)