I guess I’m back (for now, at least)

Hey everyone,

Looking at my blog, I see that my last post is from September 2021. That’s almost a year ago! Absolutely insane! ;)

The last two years or so have been quite intense for me. A lot has happened in those years. I had to say goodbye to people very dear to me. We moved house quite suddenly and I had to adjust to all that. I even felt so messed up and stressed out that I stopped working for a few months to work on myself. I slowly started to heal – and I’m still doing so – but it will still be a long way to go.

Anyways, lately I’ve been really focussing on what works for me: what do I really want with my life? Not focussing on what I SHOULD do, but on what I NEED/WANT to do. It’s definitely given me a lot of breathing space and more peace and quiet, so I’m going to keep on working on that.

Part of me just wanted to try blogging and writing again, to see how that would go. Writing has always been a way of coping with things for me, so I wanted to try again. I feel like my creativity has been at quite an all-time low lately, but maybe I just need to change things up a little… ;)

I haven’t made YouTube videos since April, haven’t really studied my languages this year either, and I haven’t been reading books since August began… Maybe blogging will get the so-called creative juices flowing again, and at the same time help me to gain new perspectives into life and such…

Anyway, I’m not making any promises just yet. This might just be a one-time post, but I do really want to try again…

How have all of you been? It feels waaayyy longer than a year since I’ve been around here ;)

Hope to see you around!


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