That was not so bad…

So, as promised an update after the big renovation. As the title of this post already suggests, it was not that bad. Let me update you!

It was REALLY early to be awake (got up at 05.30, so I’d have plenty of time to somewhat function before they arrived at 06.30/07.00). The guys were really nice and they worked quite fast and also very tidy. First, they taped off the floor inside around the windows, and also a path throughout the house that connected the rooms, so they had a walkway without damaging or dirtying our floor. Then it all went quite fast, and by 08.00/08.30 pretty much all the windows on the balcony side were gone. It didn’t take long before the smaller windows were already put back in. Had to wait the longest for the big living room window – which came flying through the sky by crane! – but I think it was in around 12.30/13.00.

The weather was quite alright. Almost no wind, not that cold, and a bit of sun. So I survived sitting on my couch with a warm sweater and fluffy socks ^^ As I said, the guys were real nice, and I had some good conversations with them, and quite a lot of fun! :) I slept so great that night! Much better than the night before. All the stress just fell off me… ^^

Since it was going so well, they already did some preparing work on the front of the house. When they arrived the next day at 07.00, this meant they only had to cut the windows loose on the inside. By 07.15, all the windows on the gallery side were already out! They worked real fast again, and I think all the windows were back in before noon.

The first night already made an amazing difference. There was quite some wind, blowing straight at our bedroom windows. But I didn’t feel a breeze! With the old situation, I’d always feel the wind coming through the cracks, and the cold through the windows. But now that we have double pane instead of single, and the panels below the windows have been isolated – nothing of that anymore!

By now, the painter has already done the balcony side, and will be doing the gallery side soon. He’s just a few houses away ^^ So, that’s almost done as well. They started working on the second floor today, and then it’s down to the first floor. The construction lift will be on our balcony side till the end of October, and then it’ll be moved to the other apartment block. Then we’ll really go back to normal. Well, except for the construction site downstairs, and them working on the other block…

So, did I stress a lot beforehand? Hell yeah! Was it necessary? Hell no! It was a bit messy for a few days, but it all went so smoothly and so fast – it was a great experience actually :) And it’s just amazing to already notice the difference so soon! Would I want to do it all over again though? Well, at least not for the next decade! ^^

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