Home Under Construction

At the moment, we’re living with a few wooden boards instead of windows, and also without a few wooden plates at our balcony (under the windows). We’re right in the middle of construction again at our apartment building… YAY! :)

They started renovating about September last year by placing solar panels on the roof and installing certain pumps that will save heating water for your boiler, because they’re warmed up by the sun (or something like that ^^ – I’m no expert). Before the Summer, they isolated the ceilings of the storage spaces downstairs, so the floor of the first floor would not be losing as much warmth as before. And now, after Summer, the big renovation starts!

First they had to remove some wooden plates and some of the windows on the balcony side, because they still contained asbestos… Yeah, not good! :( So that is happening this week, and for us yesterday and the day before that. Now we’re missing the wooden plates on the outside, but there’s still one on the inside, so no open holes or anything. And we’re missing the two big windows in the smaller rooms, which are now pretty wooden boards ^^

It’s only for two weeks though, luckily. Then they’ll make an awful big mess and will replace ALL the windows of the whole apartment in two days. September 17th, they will replace all the windows on the balcony side, and September 18th, they will replace all the windows on the gallery side. Oh joy! ^^

I’m quite a bit stressed, but also try not to stress too much (know what I mean? XD). I know it’ll be alright and we’ll only profit from it in the end – better, double glass (is that the term in English?), better isolated plates below the windows, no more asbestos, solar panels, and fancy pumps for hot water. We already see such a difference in our electricity bill, because of the solar panels – it can only get better – right?! :)

So, let’s just survive this month and it’ll all be back to normal. After replacing the windows, the painter will come by. But since they’re only painting the outside, that won’t cause much trouble, I think. The only thing is that the elevator for the construction guys is next to our balcony (just on the neighbour’s), but it’s not too bad. And the construction guys are all very nice and always in for a chat or a laugh. So that certainly helps :)

We’ll just see how it goes – might update you next month! :)

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