And then you’re 27…

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that yesterday (July 31st) was my birthday… I turned 27 this year! (Getting closer and closer to 30, hehe ^^)

Birthdays are always a bit weird for me. I like them, but it also causes a lot of stress – at least for me. You need to plan a date/multiple dates for people to come visit, because not everyone can come on the day itself, because it’s often a weekday. Then there’s groceries, of course. Thinking of presents, which isn’t always that easy for me either, and much more…

This year, I happened to celebrate my birthday spread over 3 days: last Wednesday, last Saturday and yesterday. So, lots of planning for me, and lots of groceries. Surprisingly enough, I could come up with quite a few present ideas this year. But often I just ask for money or giftcards, so I can just figure it out later or save up for something more expensive. So, I was quite spoiled this year, as you can see on the picture below :)

How do you feel about birthdays? Do you like them? Do you not celebrate them at all? Let me know! :)

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