15.1 Meet blogging/YouTube friends in real life

Yes, I’m here again! I’m not as active as I want to be. But I just have to face it, I guess.
YouTube takes up a lot of my time. And then there are also my tutoring job and my internships which need me ;) But I’m here now and that’s what matters!

I’ve completed another goal of my 30-before-30 list… Well, sort of…
I’ve met a YouTube friend in real life! ^^ But not any blogging friends yet.
And there are many more YouTube friends (and of course, blogging friends) I wanna meet for real!

It’s already a while ago, somewhere at the end of March, when I met the wonderful Pauline from DiPa Travel Vlogs! (Do check out her channel, she’s amazing!) We met up in Amsterdam and had a lovely day! =) We had plans for amazing videos, but since we met for the first time in real life, these videos didn’t really happen, cause we had just sooo much to talk about! It was a great day and we’ll definitely meet again and then the videos will be there to prove it XD For now, I uploaded a small impression of our day with photos I made. You can watch it here!

I’m planning on investing some time in writing soon, but my internships also require some work soon. So I won’t make any promises! But I still love writing, even if I don’t do it that often anymore. I’ve found another creative outlet: YouTube, and I love it just as much! It’s so hard to divide my time properly with all the jobs and internships going on as well ^^ But I won’t leave you just yet!


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