Reading in 20 languages (or so…)

I’ll use colours in the original post to show which parts have been taken/translated

Hey everyone!

Time for another blog post =)
A while ago, I posted this very post: I need your help!
I still need your help! I’m planning on doing a video on my YouTube channel in which I read the familiar story of Little Red Riding Hood in as many languages as possible. Now I know, there are people from allover the world here that probably speak more languages than I do (only Dutch&English). I already got a Spanish, French and Italian version. But I need way more languages than that! I can translate into Dutch myself, but I’d also like a part in German, and in Finnish, and Swedish, and maybe Arabic or Afrikaans. Just as many languages as possible!!

I posted the whole story in that particular post, so I won’t post it here again. Please click through and help me by translating two or three sentences of the story. I would be very very very grateful to you!! <3

All the best!
~ Iris


17 thoughts on “Reading in 20 languages (or so…)

    • That would be great! Since a few people are already trying a translation, it’d be safe if you took a few lines later in the story. I don’t want doubles so people translate for nothing. You so if could take the paragraph where Red Riding Hood spots the daisies for grandma. (“Then she saw… – … bunch of flowers.) Thanks so much! :)


  1. Just for understanding which lines are done Could you update the sentences with a colour. In the original red riding hood post. So I can make a selection
    My German isn’t all that great, but I might be able to ask for a little help with some languages. No promises.
    As for Arabic do you also need the written Pronunciation?

    Good luck on gathering our languages.

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