Catching up & new WP-project…

I’ve just added a new page with a new project: 30 before 30. You can find it in the menu bar at the top of my page and read all about it! =)

And now I’m catching up with your blogs… I’m not going further back than the start of December, otherwise it will take me way too long and then I’ll be behind before I’ve even started ^^

So, if there’s something I should really know about, or a post I should definitely read or you want my opinion on – don’t hesitate to leave a comment or (if more personal) leave me a message at

It’s good to be back! =)
~ Iris


7 thoughts on “Catching up & new WP-project…

  1. Ooh by the way. Loved the 30 before 30 great list. Love the idea. though mine would be more like a bucket list or a 50 before 50 grin. Damn I am getting old
    To think another Dutch person is unable to ice Skate. Just made me smile.
    Just a note. sign language is one of the very few worldly languages. So it is pretty much Dutch equals English equals Spanish.Give or take a word or two as there is some dialect in some cases.

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