Hello dear WordPress family!

Yes, I am back and I plan on staying for a long time to come =)
I haven’t exactly worked out a plan yet – not sure if I really should either – but I plan on spending way more time here than I’ve done in the last couple of months. Above all, I will try to read your posts on a regular basis, and post my own content at least once a month ^^

So yay! 

I’m not going to catch up with everything you’ve posted in the previous months – not that I don’t want to – but it will be way too time consuming, and I would already get behind on the recent posts and the posts to come. So, from now on, I’ll be around on WordPress at least once a week to catch up and hopefully post something of my own as well, even if it’s just a short update. I really really really want to be here, but I just couldn’t find the time in the previous months.

I had too much going on.
I decided to upload weekly on my YouTube channel (please check it out and subscribe – I’ll love you forever! ^^), so that takes up quite some time: planning, filming, editing, uploading, sharing… But I found my rhythm, which allows me to take on other stuff (or rather take on AGAIN). So here I am.

I’m still quite busy, seeing that I also have a parttime job now, and the holidays are coming up (Sinterklaas, Christmas, birthdays of several people). But if I can make videos once a week, I can certainly post once a month and read posts once a week!!! I can do this!

I want to focus my YouTube channel mostly on challenges, tags, crazy videos, vlogs, etc. but also incorporate this aspect of my life: writing. So, I’m already making reading challenge videos, but I’m also planning on doing some poetry readings and also a big language project (see my previous blog post – I need your help!). The same counts the other way around: I want to incorporate the YouTube aspect into my blogging. So, I might be sharing writing/reading related videos on my blog or ask you for help with a project.

By combining the two things I love and giving each of them the attention and love they deserve, I hope to find the balance as I go. For now, I’ll leave it at this. I’ll see you around, and you’ll see me =)

~ Iris


13 thoughts on “I HAVE RETURNED! =)

  1. I’m happy to see you back, Iris, and congrats on your you tube channel, too! I’m not a you-tuber, but I wish you all the luck! I fell off of fb again because it takes too much time. Now I’m focusing on my blog and my fb poetry page, along with everything in life. :) Anyway, glad you have returned! ♥

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