I’m just gonna say it!

Soooo, there we go again…. NO NO NO. No more excuses! This is my blog and I can write whenever I want… Okay, I really feel bad for not being here regularly anymore, cause I really loved blogging and still do. I love reading your amazing work, sharing my not-as-amazing work, and interacting with my dear WordPress family. But it just doesn’t happen lately… :(

It’s not that I have been very busy or something. I don’t have a job (yet) and I graduated last Summer. I’m still trying to find a job, but the job market nowadays makes me so dispirited, that I’m kind of giving up already… There’s just nothing out there for students who just graduated and want to obtain experience. All they want is 20-year-olds with preferably 40 years of experience… Yeah, that’s not how it works… I should be able to get that experience somewhere, shouldn’t I? Aaargh, this can make me so angry! So sad and disappointed as well!

But yeah, next to that, I’ve been working on another project/hobby since February. Will I tell you guys? Hmm, I’m kinda scared to do so. My family doesn’t even know about this. Neither do my friends. There’s only one person who knows about this project, the one I’m working with on it, so to say. Okay, I’m just gonna say it: I’m on YouTube! Not just browsing videos and spending hours listening to music like I’ve done for years and years. No, I’ve got my own channel, my own videos. They are in English – somehow I feel more comfortable doing it in English than when I would do it in Dutch (my native language) – out there for all the world to see. So far, I haven’t acquired a large fanbase yet, but that’s not really why I’m doing it.

I’ve noticed that when time passed, I’ve become less insecure about myself and about speaking ‘in public’. So this is really helping me and I’m mostly doing it for me. I’m having fun filming more and more, and I definitely want to keep this going. It would be great to have lots of subscribers of course, but having the few people watching me now, already makes me really happy ^^

So yeah, I just keep babbling on. Let me just give you the link to my channel: click here! I make all kinds of videos: challenges, tags, or just random vlogs. I hope you like it and forgive for being on WordPress less because of this! I certainly don’t want to give up WordPress, but my writing Muse has been absent for a while now. Probably because my ‘filming Muse’ is working so hard lately ^^

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Feel free to check out my channel and let me know what you think! I promise I’ll be back with some poems or short stories soon! And I will also try to catch up with your blogs :)

Sending you hugs and love!


22 thoughts on “I’m just gonna say it!

  1. Life has a way of pushing up molehills we can trip over or have the floor taken away from you. Have us fall flat on our faces.
    Life isn’t only blogging. There is so much more. So do as one likes and enjoy life.
    Keep up that smile. It suits you best.

    En Nederlands klinkt gewoon niet zo lekker :P
    The Crow

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  2. Good for you – and brave ! Why don’t you read some of your wondeful poetry on there? I have seen some spoken word poems – they work in the right setting – am sure you will have a large following soon – I will have a wander round at somepoint! Cheers J

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  3. Hi Iris, I think it’s great you found another hobby that is making you happy. That’s what it’s all about, right? Yes, you’re missed here but I think many of us bloggers eventually do move on. I start school in two weeks; bought my textbooks yesterday, so once I begin with studies I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for blogging either. Anyway, I’m not really on you tube but I will check out your channel and I wish you all the best with it! Many hugs!
    p.s. my daughter is now job hunting since she recently graduated. It is tough when employers are looking for 40 years experience from a 20 year old. We keep praying she’ll have something lined up before she moves back home at the end of this month. I’ll keep good thoughts for you, too! Don’t give up, by the way! :)

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