Here we go again ^^”

While catching up on some of my favourite blogs, I’m writing another blog post full of excuses. I know I shouldn’t do that and that I have no responsibilities whatsoever, but I can’t help but feel like I’m letting my WordPress family down. When I started this blog two years ago, I posted (extremely) regular. That faded after a while, but the flame reignited through the Alphabet Challenge I did in February 2015. My passion for writing lit up again, even though it never disappeared completely, and I started writing more regularly again. Continue reading


2-year blogiversary!

I got a notification a while ago – the 2nd of July to be precise – that I’ve been blogging for two years already! :) I can’t believe it went sooo fast! I haven’t been around much lately. But I still love blogging and hope to do so for a long time to come! Blogging has been a great experience thus far and has changed me so much :)

Thank you all for being there for me and supporting me! And thank you as well for making your wonderful work available for me to see and enjoy! ^^

Enjoy your week! :)