I’m actually doing something useful…

Yes. It’s true.

Although I find watching series and randomly browsing the internet very useful as well, I’m now actually doing something very useful ^^ I’m working!
It’s not really a fulltime, standard job, but it’s something. It’s all volunteer work, but I’ve got to start somewhere as a non-experienced 20-something that graduated university. Unfortunately, there aren’t many jobs for me (they want experience, but none of them give me the chance to get it…), so I’m trying to get by like this. It’s not what I hoped for, but it’s in my field and it’s experience. So hey, why not?

I started at this company as a language checker (read: grammar nazi XD) and also got the opportunity to do some translating work (for a small fee) – so I’m pretty happy ^^ Who knows what I’ll do next?

I’m also quite busy doing some transcription work for a friend, which takes up quite some time…

So yeah, work work work… But actually I don’t mind! It’s better than watching series all day or staring out of your window cause you’re so extremely bored ^^

The only thing is that I have hardly any time to write… :( I really want to pick it up again, after having discarded pen and paper for so long. But I just can’t find the time – maybe I should just make time, I know, but still… ^^

Anyways, that’s it for now! Have a great weekend everyone! :)


13 thoughts on “I’m actually doing something useful…

  1. That sounds great, Iris! You remind me of my daughter now that she’s graduating in one more week. Woohoo! She has a part time job right now and can work more hours after graduation. But the main goal now is to find full time work or even an internship. She needs to build the experience to complement the degree, just as you’re doing now. So we shall see. I think you’re on the right track so keep up the good work and yes, try to make time for writing, too. :) ♥

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