It’s about time…

Yes it is. It’s about time that I post again…

I’ve not posted regularly since February and I feel really bad about it. I want to post more, but all these other things seem to take my time for blogging away. It’s not that I’m extremely busy. I do not even have a proper job and I’ve graduated last Summer – so not doing much regarding that. I’ve spent quite some time at my boyfriend’s place, but it’s not like I’m going out every night or something. I don’t seem to do much more than watching series and YouTube clips, but still I can’t find the time to blog.

What’s wrong with me?

I haven’t been writing much either. The last poem I posted is the last piece I wrote. I still love writing, but the inspiration is just gone. Not that my life was that interesting, so not much inspiration there… I have gone through some rough patches (personal issues, family problems), but those didn’t trigger the words either. Normally  I write way more when I’m feeling upset, angry or sad – but not this time. Writing is and always has been my form of coping. But I guess I don’t really want to cope this time, or am already coping.

I just don’t know…

Maybe I should just pick up pen and paper more regularly and just write down whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t have to make sense, but if I could only write again…

Well, for now I have told you what I’ve been up to lately.
I really hope I’ll be able to post some new poems soon!


9 thoughts on “It’s about time…

  1. Everyone feels this way – there is nothing “wrong” – life gets in the way sometimes and it doesn’t have to be “busy” life – my writing has slowed too, to the point that I no longer sit and write something all in one – I just don’t have the time, so I write snippets here and there on my phone notes – then connect the dots when the moment is right – I feel it when I read back some of my recent work. But if i give it a name, like “writers block” or something else, then it will become bigger than what it is. There is nothing wrong – it’s just not the right time and with writing, sometimes timing is everything. Just keep on enjoying being in a calm space – the rest will take care of it’s self :-) On another note, you would be proud – I just had to write a poem / reading for my best friends partnership cermoney – its full of love, joy and happiness… it’s shit… ;-) Cheers J

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  2. We all hit the writer’s block wall, Iris, so let the inspiration come naturally. I don’t really write on command and am not sure if I can. I’ll find out when I return to college in the fall, beginning with English. :) Anyway, good to hear from you and I hope the personal issues in life ease up for you, too. Many hugs! ♥

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  3. Hey, don’t feel bad. We all need to take some time off…even if unintentionally.

    Try doing a stream of conscious: put on a timer for fifteen minutes, grab a notebook and a pen, make sure you’re comfortable and just write. Don’t pause or correct or whatever, write everything and anything that comes to mind.
    It feels weird, but I’ve found that it helps most of the time. It clears the mind for sure, and sometimes, when you go over what you wrote, you find some gold (although that isn’t the point of the exercise. It’s more like a type of meditation than a writer’s tool.)

    Be well, and have some tea and cookies^^

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