Keeping me from Sleep

The busyness of last month has died down a little, and two nights ago I couldn’t sleep. Words kept coming and coming and I just had to get out of bed and write them down. Luckily, I always keep a small notebook next to my bed, so it was more of a reaching out than really getting up – but whatever…

So here is a new poem called “Keeping me from Sleep”.
I hope you like it. It’s good to be back! =)


Keeping me from sleep

The wind is howling
Loudly outside
And I am wide awake
I’m all alone
In my bed tonight
Cause you are far away

The rain is shattering
Against the glass
Keeping me from sleep
I’m tossing and turning
In my bed
While the clouds still weep

The storm is reaching
A violent peak
Trees are bowing deep
And all I can
Think of is you
Keeping me from sleep

(March 2015)


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