Have to Get Out

I want to lock myself
In my room
So I won’t have to
Deal with you

I’m treated
Like a two-year-old
When I speak up
I’m too bold

Can’t seem to do
Anything right
I want to scream
I want to cry

I need to get
Out of this place
But I don’t know
Whereto I can escape

Driving me crazy
Can’t stay much longer
The emotions inside
Are growing stronger

I might collapse
I might break down
I might forever
Leave this town

I just can’t take
This anymore
Walls closing in on me
Where’s the door?

(March 2015)


8 thoughts on “Have to Get Out

  1. Out in the open
    where dreams are free
    to be explored
    and embraced
    warmed by the sun
    chilled by northern winds
    and drenched
    in autumn rains
    until the moment
    time is calling us
    back home.
    After our emotions
    calmed down.

    Or so I lived a long time ago..

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