March Madness

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t been as active on WordPress as I was in February – hard to top writing every day though ^^ I’ve been quite busy with other projects and things this past month, which prevented me from writing and posting much. The last weeks of March won’t be any different, unfortunately… But in April I will be fully back in the saddle, so to speak!

Enjoy March and I’ll see you next Month! =)


Love in Ten Lines

I was challenged by Finn for this amazing “Love in Ten Lines” challenge. And I’m always in for a challenge, so here we go! =) (I’ll post the rules, the nominees, and a quote below my poem, so keep on reading!)


Love in Ten Lines

How can I love
when love isn’t here?
How can I love Continue reading

As long as I got my writing…


… I’ll survive.

Have to Get Out

I want to lock myself
In my room
So I won’t have to
Deal with you

I’m treated
Like a two-year-old Continue reading


I feel locked in
Driven in a corner
Trapped inside

Nowhere to go
Going crazy in here Continue reading

The Alphabet Challenge in Retrospect

wpid-photogrid_1425387798408.jpgIn the previous month, February, I have done an Alphabet Challenge. One letter per day, and two extra topics for 27&28 February. You can find all poems in the category Alphabet Challenge, which I created under the header PoetryContinue reading

February was a great month!


Thanks for a great month, dear WordPress family! =) Alphabet Challenge recap post will follow soon! ^^