R is for Robust

There must be someone out there (multiple someones if you ask me ^^) that is willing to come up with some topics for the S, T, and U! And all those others out there – the rest of the alphabet is okay too! I’d like to have as much choice for the 27th and 28th of February as possible. So bring it on!!! =)

But first, the R! I wasn’t quite sure what to write about when I saw today’s topic. But after a while, I decided to devote this poem to a robust cabinet full of wonderful memories. Hope you like it! =)


R is for Robust

It was just standing there
In the corner of my room
As if it had been there forever
Well-used throughout the years

Holding so many memories
Full of beautiful treasures
Cleaned up and rearranged
Uncountable times

Even though I grew older
And its colours have faded
That cabinet still stands there
Keeping my beloved memories

Topic provided by Nathan


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