O is for Obsessive

Can’t believe I’m halfway this challenge already! Which also means that S, T, and U are getting closer, for which I still need topics. So please help me out! ^^ And extra topics for 27 and 28 February are always welcome too! But first: the O!

PS. I have been somewhat busy with other stuff, but will soon catch up with your amazing work as well!


O is for Obsessive

He had to keep her near
He couldn’t let her go
She was his everything
He had always known
But now she pulled away
And he couldn’t let that be
They belonged together
Why couldn’t she see
That they were just perfect
Were to live forever more
But all she wanted to do
Is run for the nearest door
But he couldn’t let that happen
She would always be his
He didn’t see the signs
He didn’t feel it in their kiss
She grew afraid of his obsession
Lie awake in bed all night
She was scared of what he would do
In the dark or in the light
She knew that it was over
She wanted to get away
But he only pulled her closer
Made sure she was gonna stay
He never noticed her fear
His obsession made him blind
It was already way too late
When she finally took flight

Topic provided by Jamie


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