K is for Killer

Quite a long poem, almost story-like, today for the letter K.
I hope you like it, because ‘dark and twisted’ poems aren’t really my forte… ^^


K is for Killer

He couldn’t believe
What he had done
Why did it all go
So extremely wrong
He thought he loved her
That he really cared
But she only seemed
To be scared
Even though
It started as love
It never felt
As sent from above
The more time
They spent together
The more he felt
They wouldn’t weather
She just kept
Pulling further away
And it seemed like
She didn’t want to stay
He tried to be nicer
He tried to be sweet
But all he could feel
Was utter defeat
He had to do something
Or his relationship would pop
Just like a balloon
So he locked her in
Without her knowing
And made sure
Her suspicion wasn’t growing
The love was gone
That was clear
But he didn’t notice
Her inner fear
Deep inside
She feared what he would do
If she didn’t answer with
I love you too
So she kept up the charade
And made him feel okay
But she didn’t know
That he made her stay
Until the very moment
That it was too late
She didn’t see
Her terrible fate
He couldn’t believe
What he had done
Why did it all go
So extremely wrong

Topic provided by Jamie


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