J is for Jealousy

I still need S, T and U. And suggestions for 27&28 February are still welcome as well (just pick any topic you’d like me to write about and it’ll go in the mix!) But first: the J! =)

J is for Jealousy

I can’t believe
He’d do that to me
Go behind my back
So he could be
With that other girl
And not at my side
Sneaking away
In the midst of the night
Many excuses
Making up lies
So deceitful
Not meeting my eyes
In which he would see
The hurt and the pain
Deep in my heart
I’m going insane
Can’t he see it
I can’t take it no more
Have I really become
Such an extreme bore
What is it
That she has and I don’t
Torn up are the feelings
That I once owned
All I can feel now
Is hatred and rage
All I want to do
Is rip out the page
That once was filled
With our happy life
Oh, the things I could do
With one single knife
But I have to be strong
Before I can be free
I have to sit and wait
And control my jealousy

Topic provided by Jamie


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