Alphabet Challenge! [2]

It’s January 31st and I still need topics for the letters M till Z, as well as two additional topics for February 27th and 28th. Help me out! Please respond to the original post and check the rules and comments before responding, so you won’t give topics for letters that have already been tackled. Thanks a lot!

Just me...

Hi everyone!

Soooo, there’s this new thing I’d like to try =)
I’ve searched around on the internet, and found several poetry challenges. This one really got my attention. I will be adapting it a little to my own liking, which makes it into the following challenge:


In the upcoming month, February, I want to write a poem everyday. Everyday a different letter from the alphabet. I could of course choose the topics per letter myself, but that would not make it much of a challenge. At least not for me. So here’s where you come in! 

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2 thoughts on “Alphabet Challenge! [2]

    • Hi Lauren,
      I already have G, H&I! Still need MNO, PQR, STU, VWX and YZ. You can give more suggestions for the same letters but then those go into the ‘extras box’ for 27 and 28 February. You can of course always give suggestions for another set of three letters that hasn’t been tackled yet if no one else responds anymore…


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