Mindful Head

I’m still waiting patiently for your topics for my Alphabet Challenge… Please send me topics soon! Before you know, it’s the end of the month and I really want to start February 1st! (Well, maybe that’s not so patiently… ^^) So help me out by reading my previous post and commenting on it with topics for the letters of the alphabet!

In the meantime, while I tried to wait patiently, I wrote another poem. So here it is! =)


Music playing
Chaos in my head
Soft breeze outside
Storm in my mind

Distant chatter
Screams in my head
Drizzle outside
Showers in my mind

A little peace of mind is all I need
To stop the thoughts from flying through my head

(January 2015)


7 thoughts on “Mindful Head

    • Thanks Kimberly, but I just noticed someone else already tackled D, E and F. I’ll add these three to the additional list (for 27&28 February), but it would be great if you could come up with topics for the following letters. And maybe to avoid confusion, respond to the Alphabet Challenge post itself, so you won’t post double letters again… Please check the comments before posting :) Thanks so much! Xx


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