Alphabet Challenge!

Hi everyone!

Soooo, there’s this new thing I’d like to try =)
I’ve searched around on the internet, and found several poetry challenges. This one really got my attention. I will be adapting it a little to my own liking, which makes it into the following challenge:


In the upcoming month, February, I want to write a poem everyday. Everyday a different letter from the alphabet. I could of course choose the topics per letter myself, but that would not make it much of a challenge. At least not for me. So here’s where you come in! 

I want you to help me with picking topics per letter. I suggest the following: The first commenter provides me with topics for the first three letters of the alphabet, so A, B and C. Commenter number two gives me topics for the following three: D, E and F. And so on… So three letters/topics each. I hope I’ll get the complete alphabet covered by my loyal followers (Yes, YOU!) before the end of the month, otherwise I’ll give you all a shout-out for more topics =)

Since there are 28 days in February and not 26, I will do two letters twice at the very end of the month. You can each give a suggestion for these extra two days next to the three topics/letters you already gave me. So, in other words, give me an extra letter and topic. At the end of the month, I will pick the most hilarious/interesting/weird two topics/letters from those and use them for the 27th and 28th of February.

It would be great if you help me out! I’m counting on my WordPress Family! =)


PS. I will probably be making a subcategory under Poetry for this challenge to keep it well-organised.


24 thoughts on “Alphabet Challenge!

  1. The letter series PQR, STU, VWX and YZ are still left. Commenting even if you already did before is no problem ;) Although I hope to get as many different commentors as possible to get as varying topics as possible.

    Help me out! :)


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  4. Reblogged this on Just me… and commented:

    It’s January 31st and I still need topics for the letters M till Z, as well as two additional topics for February 27th and 28th. Help me out! Please respond to the original post and check the comments before responding, so you won’t give topics for letters that have already been tackled. Thanks a lot!


  5. Acrobats,
    Broccoli (because I really just want to read a poem about broccoli ;) )
    and a Czar?
    Kind of weird topics but picking them is surprisingly hard. I hope this gets the ball rolling for you :)

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