Short Story Help Needed!

I’ve been mostly writing poetry lately. Not that I don’t like doing that – I love it! – but I want to ‘pick up’ short stories again as well… The only problem is: What do I write about? My previous short stories (see earlier posts) came to life through the challenges I put up, so the inspiration was there. But now I simply don’t know what to write about… :(

Can you help me out?

You can either challenge me again by giving me a sentence – any sentence – with which I can work to write a short story. Or maybe you have some tips for me as where to find my inspiration? Cause the motivation is definitely there!

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing poetry for sure. But I just feel like something else once in a while, another challenge, so to say.

I’m counting on you, dear WordPress family! :)


5 thoughts on “Short Story Help Needed!

  1. The warmth was worse than the cold. In the warmth, she could forget the danger. In the warmth, she could breathe freely, talk without thinking and trust everyone. In the cold, her body might be frozen, but at least her heart wouldn’t shatter when reality came knocking. (Feel free to change stuff around or not use at all – mostly just trying to spark some creativity inside you (: Good luck!)

    — Kate

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  3. Here’s a sentence Iris…

    The electricity was out, rain was pouring in droves and the trees were scratching the windows…

    I’m not a short story writer, but this just came to mind…good luck and I can’t wait to read it. :) ♥


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