Please don’t stop the music…

Hey all!

Just a quick post before I fall asleep (it’s close to midnight here and I’m really tired!). I came to realise I’ve been listening to the same songs over and over again lately – this self-created YouTube playlist I keep on repeat ^^ Even though I really like these songs, I wanna try something new. And I’d love your help with this! So, any tips for songs or artists I’d definitely should listen to? Let me know! I’m not that into metal and hard rock and the likes, but furthermore I’m open to everything.

I look forward to your suggestions!


Cold November Morning

Cold November morning
But the sun is already shining
And you’re here with me
So nothing can bring me down

Cold November morning
But you make me feel warm Continue reading

It’s something I must live with everyday…










It may seem like he doesn’t care
As if he’s only doing it for fun
But she doesn’t know what’s going on
Doesn’t know how it begun  Continue reading


I just wanted to do a short happy post ^^

A few days ago, I reached 200 followers on my blog and I’m sooo happy about it! =) I have been blogging for 16 months now, so 200 followers seems a lot to me! I never expected to get this far when I just started, and look where I am now ^^ And on top of this, I almost reached my 100th post too (this is number 94). So I keep reaching milestones here on WordPress, and I’m planning on reaching more and more. ‘Cause I really love blogging, which I wouldn’t have imagined 16 months ago, when it was just a try-out. Thank you, my dear WordPress family, for all your support! I wouldn’t have been here anymore if it wasn’t for you!

Until next time! =)

Just make your escape







If the world seems to push you down
And people pull on you from all sides
Don’t worry, you can always run away
Run away to a better place

Continue reading

November day [2]

Cold evening
Dark outside, curtains closed
Candles burning, music playing
Trying to stay warm

(November 2014)

November Day

Foggy skies
Crying windows
Grey November day

(November 2014)