Flickering Light

I’ve been reading all your posts from the past two weeks (got a little behind ^^). I hope I didn’t scare you off with the amount of likes and comments I’ve left on some blogs – it’s all a sign of my enormous admiration for your wonderful work! And now I present to you a new poem I just wrote ;) I hope you like it, since I usually do not write in this genre.

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


She never thought she could get out
Out of the misery life brought her in
She remembered moments far ago
When she would happily dance and sing

But those moments were long lost
She would never live her life like that
That one event that changed it all
Still causes her to cry in her bed

She can’t stop dreaming of better days
But it will never be the same again
From the moment she said ‘yes’
This awful life just sucked her in

But now there was this flickering light
This shimmer of hope she had waited for
Would this finally be the end of it all?
Would this be the door she’d been searching for?

She can’t help but moving closer
Closer to this appealing flickering light
She can’t believe it will all soon be over
Everything will finally be alright

(October 2014)


4 thoughts on “Flickering Light

    • Thanks so much, J! (Such a shame :( You’re posts don’t always appear in my reader either, which is why I now get an e-mail every time you upload a new post. It’s a setting somewhere, which you can edit per blog you follow)


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