Flickering Light

I’ve been reading all your posts from the past two weeks (got a little behind ^^). I hope I didn’t scare you off with the amount of likes and comments I’ve left on some blogs – it’s all a sign of my enormous admiration for your wonderful work! And now I present to you a new poem I just wrote ;) I hope you like it, since I usually do not write in this genre.

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


She never thought she could get out
Out of the misery life brought her in
She remembered moments far ago
When she would happily dance and sing

But those moments were long lost Continue reading

Rain in my Mind

The weather reflects my mood
When I look outside
I see the rain fall
through the rain in my eyes

Everything gets blurry
Hard to distinguish the world Continue reading


Not one of my happiest poems, but after being ill for more than a week and being all alone at home for a few days now, you’re just not feeling that happy… Despite the sad tone in this poem, it apparently helped to get my Muse back, so there’s a minor happy aspect to all this. For now I just hope that I’ll be better soon and that you like my poem ^^


Feeling weary
Feeling blue
Feeling lonely without you

Even though the skies are blue
I’m still alone here in this room  Continue reading

I need some love…

I made some minor edits to this older poem, but nothing that changed it completely. Sorry to keep ‘bothering’ you with older poems, but I’ve never shared much with the world, so in a way these are older poems are also new to you ^^

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


I need some love
Some tenderness
Someone who cares for me
A loving word
A helping hand
A listener when I speak Continue reading

When you’re in love…

Another from a few years ago, because my Muse is still on vacation apparently ;)

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


When you’re in love
It’s hard to find
The right words to describe
What’s going on in your mind Continue reading