Another (golden) oldie today from more than 6 years ago… I hope to write and post some new stuff soon, but these oldies have never been read by anyone either, so why not post some of them? ^^

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


It’s hard, but I have to face it
Maybe you’re not in love with me
Sometimes I try to imagine
How life without you would be

It’s tough, but I can’t ignore
The feelings that I have for you
It’s so strong that I just can’t hide
Why don’t you just love me too?

It’s strange, but I don’t know
If your feelings are the same as mine
Sometimes I’m weak, sometimes strong
Sometimes I’m just fine

It isn’t easy, ’till you tell me
About the feelings you have for me
I have to know the truth about it
I have to face reality

(May 2008)


7 thoughts on “Reality

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