In a Wild and Heavy Tornado

I haven’t written anything new yet, so I decided to dive into my archives and found this poem. I’m not sure what my inspiration was for this one, but I still quite like it, even though it’s from ‘my early writing years’… ^^ I’ve decided not to edit anything, so you’ll find it here as it has been written back in 2009.

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


In a wild and heavy tornado
The trees are sweeping in the storm
My heart is feeling like it’s torn
It will never be like it was before

The island of my dreams
Is vanished in the raging sea
There’s nothing that could ever be
Enough to give my island back

Storms have damaged me
Like a ruin is my life
Branches are cut off with a knife
Nothing will soothe the pain

At least the tornado calms down
The sky is getting clearer
Salvation seems much nearer
Will life return to me?

The sun is shining brighter
The air is turning blue from laughter
Will it be ‘happily ever after?’
The island of my dreams

(January 2009)


4 thoughts on “In a Wild and Heavy Tornado

  1. I think this is beautiful with no editing needed, Iris. It almost ties in with my post for today, too. After the storm, the light will shine and life will return to us…I do believe that even though times get tough. Lovely poem! ♥


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