Do I have to show you…?

This poem, also an older one, perfectly blends in with my previously posted poem. Both poems are about facing reality; seeing that dreams aren’t always real. The previous poem, however, was written about a crush that never became more than just a crush. This poem is written about someone whom I eventually had a relationship with for about a year. So I guess the dreams in this poem became reality ^^

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Do I have to show you
How much I love you?
Do I need to tell you
How much I care? Continue reading



Another (golden) oldie today from more than 6 years ago… I hope to write and post some new stuff soon, but these oldies have never been read by anyone either, so why not post some of them? ^^

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It’s hard, but I have to face it
Maybe you’re not in love with me
Sometimes I try to imagine
How life without you would be Continue reading

In a Wild and Heavy Tornado

I haven’t written anything new yet, so I decided to dive into my archives and found this poem. I’m not sure what my inspiration was for this one, but I still quite like it, even though it’s from ‘my early writing years’… ^^ I’ve decided not to edit anything, so you’ll find it here as it has been written back in 2009.

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In a wild and heavy tornado
The trees are sweeping in the storm
My heart is feeling like it’s torn
It will never be like it was before Continue reading

Lovely Memories

It’s been a while since I posted, but I hope to post more regularly from now on – if my Muse lets me ^^ So here is a new poem called “Lovely Memories”

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Enjoying the weather

Feeling the warmth of the sun

Shining brightly on my face Continue reading