I’m back! – Well, almost ^^

I have passed my exam (still waiting for the official grade though), and my master’s thesis is in such a state that I can almost hand in the first final version. I’m waiting on feedback from my supervisor now, and then I can hand that first version in and wait for another round of feedback from both my supervisor and the second reader. After that round of feedback, I’ll be able to finish my thesis completely and hand in the very final version for a grade. It’s going so fast!

Yesterday I started catching up with all your amazing blogs. Since I’ve been quite absent for a few months, there is a lot to catch up with for me. So catching up in my case means scrolling through your blogs and reading a few posts here or there. I’m sorry if I missed out on a lot of your amazing work, but catching up with all of it will just take too much time :( But if there are some posts I really can’t miss, let me know down below in the comments ^^

I’ll try keeping up-to-date with your blogs from today onwards and I also hope to post more frequently now. So be prepared ^^


7 thoughts on “I’m back! – Well, almost ^^

  1. Glad to have you back, Iris, and congrats on your exam! You are an inspiration! :) Don’t worry about catching up with all posts; I don’t think it’s possible unless we blog 24/7! :) Take care and good luck with the finishing of your thesis! xx


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