Two steps closer…

I’m another two steps closer to graduation! The group essay has been handed in, and today I had my final exam. The exam key was posted on-line, but since I didn’t copy my answers I’m not 100% sure if I passed. But I remembered most of my answers, and it’s looking good! So I should be just fine ^^

The weather is extremely nice here. I’ve enjoyed it all weekend =) And it seems to be with us for at least a few more days. Now having lost another ‘stress-part’ of graduation, I will be able to enjoy this wonderful weather even more ^^

Of course there is still one big step towards graduation: my master’s thesis. But it’s going just fine and I’m almost there! I expect to have finished my first final version around the start of June, so the very final version can be handed in around the middle of June.

Getting closer and closer now ^^ I’ll be back in no time ;)



5 thoughts on “Two steps closer…

  1. So glad to hear you’re getting closer, Iris, that’s wonderful! My son’s last final was today, so he’s out for the summer (freshman year ended). He’s happy! My daughter (junior) will be finished mid June…exciting times, so more good luck is coming your way! See you soon!
    Lauren :)


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