Update from the other side ^^

Dear dear WP-family!

A short update from my side to let you know that I’m still alive ;) Graduation is slowly creeping closer and I’m still making good progress, even if I say so myself ^^ My classes have ended last week, and now the exam and a paper deadline are coming closer. Next to this, there is writing my master’s thesis, but since I love my topic so much, as well as my own research, this is still going well. (Already 11000 words out of the minimum of 17000!) In addition, the weather is becoming better and better here, so I’ve been enjoying the sun as well… :)

I hope all of you are doing great too! ^^ I’ve caught up with some of your blogs a week or two ago, but since then many new posts have been made, so I’m far behind again. But when I have that awesome master’s diploma in my hands, I will have all summer to catch up with your amazing work :)

Bye for now! ^^


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